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Graffiti Art


Graffiti Art

What ever you think about Graffiti, its been here since cave men and the dawn of time.
It has been used through the ages by Poets, Philosophers and artists to document the social climate of societies since the dawn, its not new.

What is new is the creativity shown by young people who have developed styles that can only be described as masterpieces of modern art.

Our Artists at Uthink have many, many years of experience of writing and almost as many working with Young People. We strive to enable Young People we work with to understand the impact Visual Vandalism has on a community and the need for legal spaces for those artists to express them selves in a safe and secure environment free from the danger of prosecution and criminalisation.

We run bespoke courses for Young People of all ages and abilities. We look at the legality of Graffiti and encourage Young People to follow a legal path.

On one of our courses you will learn how to:

  • Draw Graffiti Letters
  • Develop your own Style and technique
  • draw with a can.
  • Infill.
  • Blend.
  • Shade
  • Do background
  • 3D and Shadows
  • Highlight and Low light
  • Outline


Ever wondered how to get those lines sharp and crisp?
How to create pop off the wall pieces? if you have then book on to one of our courses.
Who knows we may have the next great artist of the 21st century waiting to sign up....


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