Light Painting Long Exposure Photography


Painting with Light!

Learn how to inject a little electricity into your Light Painting Images on one of our exciting and rewarding workshops.
We will guide you through a number of fun and enlightening exercises
designed to get your imagination
buzzing and creative juices flowing.

UthinkPDPs tutors are all experienced
photographers and creative Light Painters and love nothing more than to pass on their knowledge and experience in one of our workshops.

With Courses run to meet the needs of
photographers at all level from beginners to the most experienced, we discuss things like

  • Aperture settings, why and what.
  • Shutter speeds, how long is too long.
  • ISO.
  • Going to manual.
  • Using BULB

As well as the camera settings, we also take a look at the light painting tools we use. Many are home made and can be made with little cost. Some we buy direct from the internet and are readily available, again not that expensive.

  • Torches
  • Light wands
  • LED finger lights
  • Colour changing LED's
  • Fairy Lights
  • EL Wire
  • Wire wool

These are some of the essential light painting tools of the trade. We will show you how they work, show you how we use them then its up to you to get creative.


Image Light Electric

Image Electric

Image Wire wool Orb

Image Orb with Ribons


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