Triple Exposure

Chris Whitacer

Chris Whitaker


From an early age I have been fascinated by the dark, the unknown and weird, I have little interest in capturing sunny days and vivid colours, my world is primarily in black & white. I am intrigued by the effects that fear has on the senses, no matter how subtle and I often find myself in situations where these emotions have some influence on my photography. taking inspiration from books, art, poetry, music, film and personal experiences my aim is to pull the atmosphere from a location into the camera and out the other side into print like a giant ethereal magnet so to speak. That is what I am mostly concerned with: atmosphere, drama, something just a little bit disturbing perhaps, it is also for those reasons why rules in photography are there to be broken and this is something I do often.

Susan Berry

Susan Berry

Born in Bury, Lancashire, I currently live in Bradley Fold, Bolton with my partner and six cats. I'm passionate about animal welfare and volunteer at the RSPCA (Rochdale branch).

My interest in black & white photography began in the early 1980's when I bought a Chinon SLR film camera. I dabbled with printing my images in the dark room but became more interested with the advent of the digital age and on joining a photography club. Photography is now an all consuming passion! My photos are often dark and dramatic often revealing only the bare essence of the subject - monochrome for me reflects the soul of an image. I like to push my images to the extremes with deep inky blacks and pure whites. I think it's important to develop your personal style and follow your own vision when creating images rather than copying the style of other photographers and putting too much importance on what other people think of them. Be true to yourself.

Urban exploration, landscapes (particularly coastal), long exposures and industrial photography are my main interests. I especially love photographing textures, such as rust & peeling paint (the more weathered the better) and abandoned and forgotten relics of the past, which is one of the main attractions of my urban exploring. Growing up in a town of cotton & paper mills, it seems very natural to be in these fast disappearing derelict places. I also enjoy street and architectural photography.

I serve on the committee of Bury Photographic Society.

Jacob Martin

Jacob Martin

I'm a photographer in my late thirties. Originally from Southampton, I spent much of my adult life in the Midlands, and moved to the Manchester area about a decade ago. I'm fascinated by the landscapes of northern England and Wales; they're wilder and less cultivated than in the south. Sheep graze upon the poor soils of the bleak and rugged moors. The hillsides just hint at the complexity of their underlying geology: here a stream follows a natural fault in the rock, there it forms a waterfall to exploit a band of weaker rock. Exposed crags tell of the massive ice sheets that once scraped against them. They bear the scars of mining and quarrying, and it is easy to find derelict mills, slowly being reclaimed by nature. Coastlines, being largely free of the wartime fortifications that dominate the south and east coasts, are silent and often unspoilt. It isn't hard to find inspiration here. Most of my work is in monochrome. I love the way that it focuses one's attention on underlying shapes and forms. I'm a keen student of photography, and have been influenced by the writings and imagery of many creative people, including: Edward and Brett Weston, Ansel Adams, Bill Brandt, Michael Kenna, Joe Cornish, Sebastiao Salgado, David Ward, Bruce Barnbaum, and Andreas Feininger. I must add my good friends and co-exhibitors here, Sue Berry and Chris Whitaker, with whom I've shared many a photographic outing and many more informative and thought-provoking discussions about our photography. Thank you for coming to this exhibition, which I hope you'll enjoy..


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