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Cuthbert House Newcastle

Cuthbert House
Pilgrim Street
Newcastle Upon Tyne


Welcome to our Gallery and Training Centre at Cuthbert House, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Uthink PDP are reinventing this office space into one of its creative hubs and changing the way we view pre-owned space.

We have a number of Courses and activities for you to get involved in and I am sure we have something for everyone.

Our superb Gallery has some of the finest artwork produced by our students and boasts a fantastic Arts Studio and training facility.

We run a selection of short, dynamic taster sessions in:

  • POSCA Cap Art
  • POSCA Canvas Art,
  • Graffiti Drawing techniques
  • Banner design
  • POSCA Sticker design

To see some of the images form our most recent courses simply
CLICK HERE and view some of the work.

Our Courses

Body Painting


Photography Photo Walks

Portrait Photography and Lighting

Long Exposure and Night Photography

POSCA Canvas Art.
Graffiti Design
Banner Design

"Light The Night"

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2015 , UthinkPDP
bring you "Light the Night" Photography Exhibition.

An exhibition of Photographs by Our very own Gary Pate, taken from courses we have run for people around the country.


See You See Me,
1000 Faces, 1000 Stories, What's Yours?
Is a mental health awareness raising
photography project that aims to "get People Talking"about the stigma attached to mental health and break down some of the barriers that prevent people getting help...



We also run Accredited Bronze Arts Award Courses, for more information drop us an email.

Logo Arts Award

See You See Me is a Mental Health awareness raising project aimed at
getting people talking about mental health and breaking down some of the barriers.

Check out the photographs from our Networking Event.......
Click Here

Image See You See Me