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Dawn's Story

Hi, my name is Dawn, and this is my story. I started with a metal health illness called depression at the age of 21 yrs old, caused by my ex who enjoyed  playing mind games with me . My depression had made a very deep impact on my family at time, my depression took me to a very dark place where I couldn’t even look after my own family or my home. After a very long battle with the local authority, I lost the battle.

My depression does effect me in many different ways,  there are times I feel very alone, I would lose my temper very quickly over tiny stuff. Their were days where I would just cry. I spent most of my time in night clubs trying to block out the pain. As I tried to move on with my life, I enrolled into some colleges to learn new skills. I also did the prince trust with Manchester fire unit, I’ve also been holding a job down, even when I suffer my low days.

In last seven months, I’ve been told I’ve suffer from post traumatic stress , which has been really hard for me because of the flash backs I endure from dreams . The flash backs mainly happen once I fall asleep at the end of day. There were nights I would only have about 4hrs sleep due to a traumatic event I suffered 2 yrs ago. Which I find very hard to cope with the events which took place a very long time ago. I  have had to deal with a lot of issue from my past,

I’m hoping one day I will be able to come of my meds all together, I’m taking one day at a time
My illness scares me at times because I don’t want my own daughter to see me when I feel upset or I am crying, when I feel in low mood, I know my depression has an affect on my own family at times . I know, depression is never easy to live with, I’ve manger to find ways to help me to cope. When I start feeling down or when I struggles to do home task.

I know living with depression can be struggle, but its doesn't have to be with the right support and network set up. I know its hard to speak out or ask for help, I think it will be good for people who can pick up the phone to call a help line just to hear a voice, for someone to listen to you while talk. Their where days I wished their were  help lines or some where to go without waiting for long time, I could speak to someone about my pain.

I've used counseling service before to talk about my depression, pain, fears, love and upset. I find counseling service hard to talked about emotions which  I have been bottled up for a long time. I would so never give up on treatment or seeing a counselor however hard or painful, you as person come out feeling better.

It's has taken me time to find happiness in my life after a very long time of struggles with up and downs, with help and support from brilliant friends and my wonderful husband.

I can  final say I’ve found happiness and I know I’m in a good place with my friends and family.