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1000 faces 1000 stories what's yours?

1 in 4 people have a mental health issue. Its not something we talk about in polite conversation, ask me about my dodgy hip or bad back but don't mention the depression or talk about how i could even get off the couch today.

We all have bad days and good days but what when is more, who do we talk to? who can we talk to? Why is it so hard for people to talk about Mental Health.

this project isn't about fixing people, its just about talking, photography is how i have chosen to highlight the issue and I was asked recently why 1000 faces?

Well, its more than 100 and less than 10,000, no other reason, it just seemed like a good number.

Over the months I have taken photographs all over the country and that 1 in 4 statistic I think is way off the mark, everyone I talk to has been touched by mental health issues, either them selves, friends or relatives.......

My goal, to take and exhibit 1000 Photographs and meet some amazing people with incredible stories along the way...

So tell me, What's Yours?

Mandy's Story
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Dawn's Story
See you See me Dawn



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One thousand faces One thousand stories
What's yours?

UthinkPDP are building a project and looking for stories. Could you get involved?

Our aim is to take 1000 photographs and create an exhibition that will get people talking about real issues. We will then take all the faces and put them into a poster that will be thought provoking and get people talking about mental health and the
issues that surround this taboo subject,
people like you and me.

We also want local groups and organisations to get involved in events that will be running in our galleries and training centres.



Contact Gary for more information.....