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Here at Lion House we have a few innovative and exciting things going on in this Uthink Creative Pop up Exhibition, Workshop and Studio Space......

We have affordable and in some cases, free studio space. We have a number of local artists producing some fantastic artwork and running workshops and exhibitions..

Want to be part of an ever increasing artist collective then drop us a line....

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Aneta Ten

Hi, I am a self taught Bulgarian artist, working with acrylic paint and mediums; painting anything and everything that is inspiring her.
Currently living in London, UK. A mother, teacher, Uni student and Artist by heart.
She recently started experimenting with the new art stream called Acrylic Fluid Painting or Flow Art.
Aneta loves using different techniques within the style, few of those presented within her art pieces; like Double Cup Dirty Pour, Ring/Wing/ Straw Blown Pours and of course Her embellished pours or mix techniques of Brush works and other methods and lots more.
My art is just at the intersection of experimentation between fluid acrylic, brush work abstraction and the familiar world that surround us.
I am aiming to create controlled fluid painting that feels familiar but ambiguous, general but deep and abstracted.
instagram: @dreamart.apt
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