2 Fargate, Sheffield S1 2HE

Its Good to be Back

Its good to be open and selling artwork again. Lockdown has been tough on us all but more so for creatives. Our Pop Up Creative Spaces offer the opportunity to create and sell work, exhibit and show what you can do. We will be open several afternoons a week and this will get more over the coming months as we build our creative network in Sheffield. Are you and artist and could donate some time in return for wall space and exposure? We will have exhibitions, workshops, studio space and many more events for local people to get involved in.....

See You See Me, you can be part of this living exhibition, pop in even if you don't think you have a story, that's part of it, just by looking at the images you can't tell.....

For more information on this and other projects email lindseyyates@uthinkpdp.org.uk. She will be happy to help.

Image 2 Fargate
Image Affordable Art
Image See You See Me
Image See You See Me