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Uthink Creative Piccadilly Pop Up, York

Uthink PDP moved into the vacant former Tax Office at 23 Piccadilly, York, in 2019. Gary Pate mounted a photographic exhibition (See You, See Me) and organised workshops and studio days with local photography groups while offering studio space in the building to local artists. Since then quite a few artists have come and gone, mainly due to Covid.

Four core creatives have worked at Piccadilly since March 2020, running open gallery events on Saturdays. More artists are now set to join them. Ten people currently exhibit there, showing a wide range of work: painting, drawing, sculpture, collage, murals, graffiti, street ar t, photography, prints and even poetry and history books!

As well as supporting Uthink’s own policies the project’s mission is to enhance cultural life in the city, to promote art as a living, relevant force and to make it accessible to as wide a range of people as possible. The group’s work not only provides entertainment and stimulus but also contributes to people’s wellbeing and positive outlook in terms of mental health and social values. The project shows what can be achieved when a creative, community-minded enterprise takes over a space that is otherwise going to waste.

The group is beginning to expand community ties and to mentor some young upcoming artists too. They are setting an example for others to follow.

A living art and studio space through the week, Uthink Creative Piccadilly Pop Up comes alive with the buzz of the community at the weekend where people can brows, chat to the artists and get the opportunity to buy some of the amazing artwork on display.

Over the next few months we will have a selection of workshops and opportunities to get involved in. Fine Art, Photography, Graffiti and Street Art to name but a few…..

Image See You See Me
Image Read it Forward
Image A Splash of Colour
Image See you See me