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Uthink People Developing People is a charity like no other.

We are unique in that we offer tailored volunteering and development opportunities whilst providing accommodation to vulnerable adults when all other housing options have been exhausted. We work with statutory bodies and a variety of charities in finding accommodation for those who require housing related support over and above that provided by a standard landlord.

Uthink  work with quality landlords and agents to secure appropriate properties which meet the needs of potential service users. Each property is sourced considering the specific needs of our clients to ensure suitability.

Uthink People Developing People provide intensive support through a team of fully trained support officers and skilled tradesmen to enable our clients to maintain a successful tenancy

All our properties are of the highest quality and in the best possible community settings for each resident, and can be fully furnished if required.

Uthink will match a highly trained Housing Support Officer with each resident who will provide information, advice and guidance on a wide range of issues. Uthink also have a dedicated maintenance team and an emergency repairs service available 24 hours a day, providing further support to our vulnerable tenants. All properties are subject to regular inspections.

How does supported living work?

Supported living is based on the belief that people have a right to decide where, how and with whom they live, and who should provide them with the support they need to do this. Examples might include:

  • Living in a property that is rented. This might be a joint or an individual tenancy (provided both tenants meet our referral criteria), in shared or self-contained accommodation
  • A mixture of paid-for support and informal or ‘natural’ support from family, friends and/or community support
  • Moving into an existing service – accommodation with support that had a vacancy

Traditionally, residential care provides a full package of housing, care and support. A key characteristic of supported living is the separation of housing and support. This means that, as a resident or homeowner, the person has a right to choose who provides their support and can change support arrangements without moving home or move home without changing support arrangements.

We also provide Touchbase, an innovative digital support system, which at the touch of a button gives users access to family and friends, support providers, their Housing Officer, maintenance and emergency services. The system also gives us a digital overview of the tenant’s support needs which informs the way we shape our services, and forms an intrinsic part of our support service.

Image Uthink Housing
Image Uthink Housing