The Subway Jams

Over the past few years, we have worked with a few people to paint some of the subways in Skelmersdale. The projects have involved local community groups, Fire service, Police, local schools working with hundreds of young people from those schools.

Working in partnership with Lancashire County Council we identified some of the worst hit subways and began local consultation. All for the subways are by junior schools so our artists went in to talk to the kids and get ideas, words that inspire, colours and themes then worked with young people from the local high schools on designs. These were then painted by the young people and members of the local community ……

What the community had to say

Joan Hulse; They look brilliant now Gary amazing and you defo feel better walking through them. They are so bright and colourful and make you feel more confident to go through them compared to the dirty threatening unpainted ones. Anything bright and colourful gives you a lift immediately
Dawn Fry;  I would avoid the unpainted subways at all cost as I feel very vulnerable walking through them (even in broad daylight) but the ones you guys have painted are fantastic I don’t have to worry walking through them !! 
Your work is awesome 👏 
Thank you
Carol Flavell; The old unattractive subways are scary places for kids and adults. One of my grandsons suggested he would rather cross the busy duel carriageway linking the motorway to the retail distribution units, rather than use the subway enroute to school. He has Aspergers and, at times, anxiety levels are high, so its a daily school run drive for grandad. Letting the youngsters take part in your initiative gives them levels of ownership and pride in our town.
Joann Bolton; They are a whole lot better being painted …. really scary when you have to walk through….they should all be done less intimidating…great job
Lynn Konishcheva; The subways before they had a makeover were ugly and appeared unloved, neglected, threatening and very intimidating. 
Not only are they much more attractive now, they look cared for, much brighter and with positive messages as part of the artwork. Involving local schools and residents gives a real sense of ownership and community. 
Lauren De Silva; These subways look so much better and less daunting to walk through when painted !! Definitely need them ALL doing 
Nicole Judge; I feel like it’s just a concrete subway without the artwork however I get a sense of joy seeing individual creative art in the urban tunnels that are synonymous with our Skem that give our town a sense of individuality in an urban culture of concrete ness
Andrew Mccarthy; Long before your team and all those great kids started painting our subways they had been abandoned and abused. It was enough to put anyone off Skelmersdale.
The subways that have been painted are interesting and bright. The work you do makes a world of difference. Thanks and good luck with everything you do.
Maria Haworth; What a transformation !! I would love to see all the Skem subways filled with art like this!! Great job! I haven’t walked thru a subway for years but seeing these makes want to take the Skem Subway Tour !
Michelle Mccarthy; They look great. Keeping them clean and bright makes them inviting. I hope you realise you may be saving lives here, walking under is so much safer than trying to negotiate the dual carriageways. We have lost more than one child who decided to walk over rather than under.
Sara McGonigal; The subways that have not been painted look dirty and unattractive. It makes the town look unloved and uncared for. The ones which have been painted are bright clean and make the town look like someone cares about it.
Before and after
image before and after
Image before and after
image before and after
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