Summer Football Camp

Uthink's summer football tournament & community day was the conclusion of our highly successful, inaugural FREE football camps in Moredun and Niddrie. We ran our camps with our fantastic community partners at Street Soccer & Sandys community centre.
Delivering structured, fun-filled football training and games for over 70 young people per week at our three camps.
Our 3 hour camp sessions were a great way for the kids to play, burn energy and make friends. But also develop core skills, confidence and teamwork.
Each session would also see us provide water, fruit and healthy snacks for each child.
As well as being a great opportunity for kids to play and have fun at our sessions with our very enthusiastic and experienced coaches. It was also a financial rest bite for families struggling to keep up with the costly prices of summer kids activities. Something that was highlighted and appreciated in our parent feedback forms.
We concluded our summer camps by bringing all three  groups together to participate in our tournament day in Moredun.
Which saw 82 children play matches over 3 pitches. With tournaments for the three different age categories.
The children had the opportunity to make new friends and have a wonderful day in the sun. With a bouncy castle, ice cream van, tuck shop, goodie bags and party games all on offer. The tournament was concluded with the medal and certificate presentations. Before dishing out 80 large pizzas to the kids and parents from our wonderful partners at Pizza Geeks.
A fantastic day and summer had by all. And we can't wait to get started with the next one.
No rip off prices for parents. Just quality coaches and  partners delivering quality programmes for kids in the community. All free of charge.
Uthink, just people developing people.
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People Developing People

The Uthink Summer Football Camps in partnership with Street Soccer Scotland are running over the 2021 summer schools holidays in the Moredun and Niddrie areas. These are free events to children aged 5-11 to develop skills, confidence and simply have fun.
Uthink are still delivering our “Food for Families” and “Pizza in the park” projects. And we were very aware for the financial implications Covid is still having on so many families.
So our free weekly Summer camps running in two of the most deprived communities in Edinburgh is an opportunity for local young people to get structured exercise, make friends, and have exciting days to look forward too throughout their holidays. This camp time may also offer respite to parents in need of some time to themselves over the summer weeks. Lightening the load on families and ensuring the children maximise their time off school by engaging in some positive use of leisure time.
Our camps will finish with a tournament and medal day. With all young people receiving medals for their hard work and participation. Special medals will be given out for helpers of the tournament, best sportsmanship, and most caring. Instead of the usual emphasis on top goal scorer ect.
Our camps, in partnership with Street Soccer Scotland are designed for the children to play, feel included and have fun. And that's certainly what we aim to deliver.
People Developing People, its the Uthink way.
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