Winter Football Camps

Uthink People Developing People’s 2021 Winter Football Camps were launched at the start of November. Running for 4 weeks and culminating in a community tournament day at the Jack Kane Centre in Niddrie.
The short days and long cold nights of Winter can be very challenging for many. So our free football camps were set up to allow kids to burn off a little energy and enjoy outdoor sport with their friends.
With structured training and games aimed at Improving fitness, happiness and overall wellbeing.
Our community tournament day seen the children enjoy an amazing tournament of football, Medal ceremony, Tuck-shop, games, toasted marshmallows, Pizza's, great fun, great kids and a great day
A huge thanks goes to our community partners at Asda Jewel, Winning Awards and Pizza Geeks for supporting our events.

Every young person received a personalised Uthink gold medal for participating at the tournament presentation. For many children not involved in competitive sport, this is a major confidence boost and will encourage participation and involvment in future sporting events. A tuck-shop was provided with fresh fruit, snacks, drinks and treats. We cover cultural dietary requirements to ensure all children are included.

Seeing kids come out their shell from being shy and reserved at the start of camp to confident and out going with their new found friends is just fantastic to see. This is a platform for the kids to build from and continue to play sports, exercise, and have fun outdoors. In 2022 we aim to strengthen our community links with our local schools and youth groups to ensure we can build upon the relationships and success of 2021.
We're just people developing people. It's the Uthink way.